Making Bone Broth


Earlier this week, a friend gave us some venison bones left over from butchering, a few went to the dogs and with the rest we made Bone Broth.

We put the bones in a large stock pot, filled it with water and added 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and let the bones soak for 1 hour. The soaking in vinegar water helped draw out calcium and other minerals from the bones. Then we put the pot on our wood cookstove & brought it to a boil and continued to boil/hard simmer for 24 hours. Before the last hour was up we added an onion and a couple of garlic cloves for health benefits and flavor, you can add parsley and other veggies too.

After cooling the broth we strained it and put it in a 2 quart jar and placed the broth in the refrigerator, you could also can or freeze the broth.

We drink a cup of warm bone broth a day to strengthen teeth and bones and help provide essential nutrients.

Another great drink that provides calcium and many other essential nutrients is Green Smoothies, but that’s for another post , for now check out our DVD The Art of Cooking and make a Green Smoothie right along with us. It’s on sale now! Nourishing Traditions is an excellent book,full of information on ancient food preparation, ingredients, bone broth and more    available at           Many Blessings,

The West Ladies


Nourishing Traditions


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