Sorghum Cookies


What is a Sorghum Cookie? Well, first we must define Sorghum! Sorghum is a syrup made from the sorghum cane. It is a fascinating process we’ve been blessed to take part in for the past 20 years with our amish/plain neighbors. Each year they grow between 1-3 acres of sorghum cane per family. It is grown and harvested in succession, one family helping the other, so ‘ Sorghum Time ‘ is always a community event. The fields are plowed, disced, cultivated and sown with teams of horses in the late spring. Resembling corn in it’s early stages, the sorghum is then thinned and weeded by hand through the early summer. As the sorghum canes grow taller and taller, seed heads begin to develop and the fields no longer look like a corn patch. In the early fall, when the seed heads have matured, the cane’s sugar content is at it’s peak. Now it’s time to strip the leaves off, cut it down, cut off the seed heads and lay it in piles to cure for 7-10 days.

Sept. -Oct. 2010 151



Sept. -Oct. 2010 153


Then off to the press, turned with horses, where the sweet, green juice is squeezed out. Next comes the boiling in a huge vat, fueled with logs. After several hours, the once thin, greenish, cane juice becomes thick, dark brown sorghum molasses. It has a taste of it’s very own, thick and syrupy with a deep underlying sweetness that is overcome by the musky flavor of natural yumminess. Sorghum molasses over hot biscuits is a old time Southern favorite and has been used in baking for many years in the South. The Homestead Blessings Cookbook has several recipes using sorghum, Basic Whole Wheat Bread, Feather Rolls, Cecilia’s Country Cornbread and Molasses Drop Cookies.  To find sorghum click here.

And here’s what  you have been waiting for, delicious Sorghum Cookies.


Our plain/amish neighbors taught us how to make these amazing, melt in your mouth cookies. They have large families & gatherings hence the approx. 175 cookie yield! Sorghum Cookies keep for several weeks, the flavors only getting better with time, so gather family and friends and have a cookie bake! Eat some, swap some, wrap them up and give some!!!!

                                       Homestead Blessings Sorghum Cookies


2 cups butter,softened                                             8 teaspoons baking soda

3 cups sugar                                                              1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

2 cups sorghum  molasses                                     6 teaspoons cinnamon

8 eggs                                                                          4 teaspoons ground cloves

10-15 cups flour (all-purpose)                               4 teaspoons vanilla

1 teaspoon salt                                                         optional: 2 teaspoons each ground nutmeg,                                                                                                 ginger, coriander coriander & ground allspice

Powdered Sugar


Mix wet ingredients in order given. Starting with 10 cups flour,add dry ingredients & mix well. add additional flour one cup at a time until dough is stiff enough to roll into walnut sized balls. You may not need all 5 cups. Roll cookie dough balls into powdered sugar, do not flatten. Place on cookie sheets lined with bakers parchment paper and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 8 minutes or until tops are cracked and bottoms are golden brown. Do not over bake. Remove from cookie sheets and allow to cool. Makes up to 175 cookies, most of the time for us.  These will keep for several weeks.






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